If you are a pet (dog) owner then this is something that you need to be aware with. The dog fence is basically a circular type of circle, which is made around a particular region to safeguard the dog or preventing the dog from going out of that circular region.

The purpose behind creating the dog fence is to keeping the dog in a particular region for the safety, and other purposes as the dog tends to go out for longer distances if it is not restricted or trained to stay within the defined limits.​

So, today in this article we are going to share with you the types of dog fence which will help you both for the knowledge purpose and as well as choosing the best dog fence for your own dog.​

Wooden fence

Wooden fence is the oldest and best fencing option or the type in the list and undoubtedly also the most expensive one. In the wooden fencing the fence are created using the wood which indeed completely blocks the way of getting out for the dog. There are some limitations or the draw back in this type of fencing such as it requires much budget first for establishing and then also in the maintenance.

The other major disadvantage is that the wooden fence completely blocks the way for dog not even a bit of visibility will be there which is not a good thing.

Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

This is the other type of fencing which is made using the metal chain wires. This kind of fencing is very robust which can handle even the strongest dog from getting out of the fencing. The one drawback of this type of fencing is the expensive side of this type of fencing and also there might occur some rusting issues in this fence.

Picket Fences

Chain Link Fences

If you are a lover of wooden fencing and also want some view to be open for your dogs then the picked fencing is the way to go for you. The picket fencing is made using the wood but the building structure of this fencing is kept in such a way that it doesn't complete block the view for dog.

The Dog can have a look of some of the portion using the spaces that are left in between or underneath. The drawback of this fencing is that it is not meant for the small size or the puppy dog as they can bypass through the left spaces in this fencing.

Split Rail Fences

Chain Link Fences

This is another type of dog boundary fence which looks very attractive and is made using the rows of the posts. The adjacent space in this fencing is filled or joined using the wooden bars, but yet again this type of fencing is not a good option for the small dogs or puppy who can find their way under the fencing. You have to add certain kind of object to block that loophole.​

Snow Fencing

Chain Link Fences

Snow fencing in which the wire mesh fabric's pieces are used to attach with the row of posts. This is indeed a great fencing which is cost effective and can also be used to keep the small size or the puppy inside the fencing. The only drawback is the life of this fencing which is not that long lasting.​

Invisible Fences

Chain Link Fences

dThis is a modern or the advanced kind of fencing for the dogs which is made by the electric wire. In this type of fencing the wire is set up under the ground and there is a receiver collar which is put around the dog's neck. In this fencing the parameter of the fencing is decided by the wire which is set up under the ground.​These are known as Wired Dog Fence.

The collar which is put around the dog's neck starts beeping once the dog reaches closer to the wiring. Yet if the dog doesn't stop the dog will receive a complete harmless shock, which will push the dog to stay within the boundaries. This kind of fenceless fence is although quite advanced and also completely safe and effective but is also very​ Expensive.

Wireless Fencing

Chain Link Fences

This is just like invisible fencing the only difference in this fencing is that it doesn't require the wire installation under the ground. It is wireless and can catch the signal from colar without the wire installation. It is quite expensive and not meant for all kind of dog owners.​Basically these fences are known as Wireless Dog fence.

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