To have a pet like dog is the most wonderful and interesting thing one can have in the world. But if you a pet dog than it becomes your duty to maintain them with good health and it is a bit difficult task. You need to train your dog, taking care for your dog’s security and safety are the major tasks you have to put concentration on. lets have a look on Best Wireless dog fence reviews of this year so far.

You live in a populated society and there is possibility that your dog can run away from home and get missing also. If your dog run away from the home then there are chances that the dog can got stuck by other street dog who can attack him also, or road accident and injury chances also increase that is there is possibility that your dog can get harm so you need to take proper precautions for your dog so that such kind of misfortune happening can be protected. And for this purpose you need to select the right wireless Dog Fence.

In the market there are numerous wireless invisible fences for dogs options available which can confuse you opt the right one out of the variety of options. It becomes the difficult task for the customer but here we are going to list out reputable and popular dog fence brands for you so that it can help you out to select the right choice for your dog. With the help of these reviews you will get to know about the mechanism and how these devices work out. So that you will be able to know what exactly you need to look while going to choose dog fence and can help you to prevent from poor products.

Top 5 Wireless Dog fence Reviews​

1. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

To keep your pet safe and secure is not an easy task you need to perform with proper awareness and attentiveness but this wireless containment system help you in doing this task. This has limitation of circular area but it can cover area up to half an acre. Its range is also adjustable and is reachable up to 90 feet in all the directions. This containment system is also waterproof and is safe in all the different climates. It consists of 5 correction levels along with low battery indicator. This underground dog fence let you know that it needs to be charged when required. Along with these features it also contains adjustable receiver collar (that is up to 28 inches for the bigger dogs). If you want to add other pets in the system, than it gives you the facility to add on unlimited pets when they wear the same PetSafe collar.

This Wireless PetSafe Dog fence containment system is best if the owner used to travel or remains outside like for camping as this is portable and easy to set up anywhere. Its package consists of training manual which can help you as well which includes all the guideline for how to train your pets.

This product is suitable for the dogs whose weight is above 8 pounds. It is not recommended for the small pets like Yorkie and Chihuahua as the collar is not a good fit for the small pets or breeds. Some precautions you need to have while using this containment system like do not place this system near electronic appliances including WiFi and digital routers as there signal can cause malfunctioning to the product.

  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • video
  •  Not suitable fencing for dogs of all Breed.
  • ​No warning for making shocks.
  • Inconsistency in boundaries
  • ​Post purchase and pre purchase support information is not provided.
  • For sloped yard it does not work

2. Sit Boo - Boo Hidden Dog Fence

Well, this Sit Boo – Boo Hidden Dog Fence is not fully wireless but this can help you get relieve from training your pets. The owners can set boundaries in this system and can train their pets about the boundaries and locations which are off limits. There is vibration and small shocks build in this system which makes the system safe for the pets and do not harm health of pet. Training collars are also comfortable. And fit well in the dog’s neck. There is need to charge the collar and you can easily charge it when it is not in use.

Latest technology is used to design this system. In ground cords are used in this system to set the boundary shock collar. Latest radio wave technology has been implemented on this system. It also includes 5 correction levels for training perspective. Its wire can cover area up to half an acre. No need to attach radio holes to cover specific areas. For large areas this containment system comes with extra wire which can cover 5 acre of area. Here, this product contains detailed and clear training manual for the owner so that they can easily set up hidden dog fence containment system.

This system also contains rechargeable collar which is waterproof as well and training flags for boundaries. Receiver collar is suitable for all the breeds and size is also flexible that is suitable for all. There are different correction levels in it which can be customized for each pet. This Sit Boo – Boo Hidden dog fence come with lifetime warranty so if you find any issue you can get replacement of the product or issue can be solved out by service providers.

  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • Video
  •  Not suitable for all the dogs’ types or breed
  • Some owners can found wire too thin
  • Heavier wire gauge
  • Delicate wiring

3. PetSafe PIF – 300 Wireless 2 – Dog Containment System

For the owners who have to manage or take care of many dogs PetSafe can be considered as best option. It is simply designed 2 dog collar and easy for the owner to manage comfortably. This system helps you to safe your pets without any trouble and will maintain your freedom as well.

​You just need to put the plug transmitter in the hidden area inside the home so that your pets can play and run comfortably in the yard. This transmit will perform the emission of radio signal around the home. The collar is lightweight and receives these signals because of which dogs can move freely in the yard’s boundaries.

This pet fence containment system is not restricted to the small range but covers around 180 foot diameter boundaries that is around half an acre and this area can be adjusted as well. Yard area is small than you can minimize the range of transmitter. There is safe static correction level which is delivered by receiver collar if the dog has walked away from the warning zone. This transmitter will not get immediately give shock but it firstly give warning beep and then moves to the safe static.

This collar is waterproof that is it is safe in water or rainy weather. For maintenance it requires 6 volt battery usage. If it is regularly charged and checked properly than it can last for long time.

If you want this product to run properly than you need to train your pet so that the pet become know the warning beep. This product also have manual along with to train the dog. This manual also includes instructions or steps for the installation and usage.

  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • Video
  • long range wireless dog fence
  • 3 dogs can be fitted in it
  • Collar is waterproof
  • Work properly in different types of land.
  • Warning beep helps dog to indentify boundaries.
  • Perfectly works
  • Dogs get trained easily

4.FunAce Wireless Containment System

This FunAce wireless Pet Containment System is good if you are looking for safe efficient and secure pet fence. It is not cushy designed but easefully designed from the safe and secure perspective.

It is designed in such a way that it provides a full control over location of fence so that you can set limitations for security and safe zone. This pet fence is water resisted and totally waterproof. It consists of 5 levels of correction to discipline your pet. With the help of this you can easily take care of more than one dog. High quality transmitter is used in this system. It works on in- ground cord. Radio wave fencing is produced for invisible perimeter. No transmitter holes are required for this and hassle free transmission is done.

It can stretch its range approx. 10X as compare to the normal dog fence systems. You can place it any desired location or place. Large range is covered by this fence containment system so if you have large yard than it is perfectly suitable for you. One third of an acre can be covered by the cords comes from this system.its good and categorized in 5 acre wireless dog fence. And if it is required to expand the range, than more wire and set of transmitter can be used for this purpose.

It works well or properly for any type of landscape. Instruction manual is used along with this which explains step by step instructions for the set up and installation of the system. So that a beginner also able to install it easefully.

  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • Video
  • Water resistance
  • wireless dog collar
  • Suitable for all types of landscape
  • Unlimited and wide range
  • Instruction manual provided
  • Installed easily
  • Affordable and easy to use

5.PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

This Pet fence is good for those who prefer outing or stay most of the time outside the home that is used to travel, camping etc. well, this electronic pet fence system  is completely wireless no wired system is included along with this. It does not require time consuming set up which makes it portable and easy to carry at any place. No physical fence is required for safe set up. Your dog can roam safely within the boundaries.

The range of this PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence is about 3 – 4 acres (i.e. 105 feet) from indoor transmitter location. It consumes one to two hours for set up and unlimited pets can be handled with this system. If you have more than one pet and you want to purchase extra receiver collar than you can purchase them too which are compatible with this product. This product is 100% waterproof and water resistance that is can be used in rainy season. This product can get recharged in 2 to 3 hours.

The battery time span is high that is it can long last for 3 weeks. And it is suitable for the pets’ weights more than 5 pounds. It consists of 5 levels of correction. Beeps and signals are there which the owner need to train their dogs about this so that whenever the owner take their pets outside they are well trained and able to identify beeps and signals.

Customer care service is provided for these products so you face any trouble or issue you can contact them anytime and get there assistance.

  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • Video
  • Not suitable for all types of breeds
  • Limited shapes for pet areas
  • Expensive
  • indoor dog fence

Invisible Wireless Dog Fence Buyer’s Guide

There are some points which you need to keep in mind before going to purchase these devices. You need to be proper aware about your pet that is pet’s age, habits of chewing and digging and many other facts about the pet.

One should prefer wireless fences as they are easy to set up and portable as well. The facts you need to go through while purchasing fence is: number of pets can be added, waterproof or not, range or area covered by the system, battery life time and quality, warranty, ease of use, such kind of facts and features you need to keep in mind.​ It is good to spend money on purchasing such kind of devices rather than creating your own. This buyer’s guide is best to get information and knowledge about the above Ground electric dog fence  and which contains answer of your all the questions in a detailed manner.

Do you really need a Wireless Dog Fence?

Before purchasing the wireless dog fence ask this question to yourself that do you really need a wireless dog fence? what is the best wireless dog fence ?From the safety perspective you need to have a dog fence. Your dog will remain safe inside the boundaries of the perimeter assigned by the wireless dog fence. It helps to teach your pet to stay at home or within the safe boundary line. With the help of this your dog can be safe from the road accidents, picked up in the street, miss placed while roaming, etc. the vehicle can hit the dog in the street, the dog can have fight with other street dogs and many such kind of problems can happen with the dog. So to avoid such kind of happening dog fence is very much effective.

According to the research these devices are very effective and safe for the pets. There are different methods which are used to train your dog. Static correction, signals auditing, vibrations, shock, stimulations are the methods which are involved in the training for the dogs.​

Wired Dog Fence vs. Wireless Dog Fence

 Most of the dog owner prefers to have a wireless dog fence as it is easy to handle as compare to the wired dog fence. You can get invisible dog fence which will not affect appearance of the yard or house.

Well, many dog owners have confusion regarding wired vs wireless dog fence taking which kind of dog fence and there occur debate on this topic also. So, here we are listing out advantages and disadvantages of both the types of dog fence so that you can make your own decision based on this. Difference between wireless dog fence and wired dog fence is listed below

Wired Dog Fence

In case of wired dog fence it works with the receiver collar, without this collar the dog fence is worthless. You need to choose the perimeter that is the area in which your dog is going to stay and then need to burying antenna of the dog’s fence in the ground. When dog cross this boundary than the receiver will give shock to the pet to resist that dog not to cross the limit or boundary line. Because of this your dog will learn that not to cross the line or stay inside the boundary. You can also customise the shape of the wired dog fence. If the area of yard is more than the wire is used than you can use extra wire for set up. These are the positive points about the wired dog fence.

So, what are the drawbacks of the wired dog fence? Well, these wired dog fences are not portable and you can’t take it anywhere you want to. These takes long time to setup. And it takes lots of time to change its position and it is difficult to set up as well. So it is permanently placed.

So, the main advantages of using wired dog fence is it is customisable that is shape of the area can be customised and easy to install. Its flexibility in changing the shape is liked by most of the users.You can’t customise the shape of the area as it works on the radius which limits pet’s playing area which is the drawback of wireless dog fence. But you can change the radius and choose higher range of radius for this.

Thinks to consider before buying a wireless Dog Fence

So, the main advantages of best wireless fence system is it is customisable that is shape of the area can be customised and easy to install. Its flexibility in changing the shape is liked by most of the users.You can’t customise the shape of the area as it works on the radius which limits pet’s playing area which is the drawback of wireless dog fence. But you can change the radius and choose higher range of radius for this.

As we have gone through the difference between wired and wireless dog fence now came to discuss about the things which you need to consider before buying a wireless dog fence.

As the installation process of this wireless electric fence for dogs is easy most of the owners prefer to have this device over wired dog fence. It works similar to the wired dog fence but some points which you need to consider as listed below:

Capacity to Cover Area​

Before going to purchase any wireless dog fence your first concern should be capacity to cover area as it should large area wireless dog fence that is approx. one acre. Or there are some devices which can cover up to 25 acre area. As here you only have transmitter which is going to cover the area unlike wired dog fence where you can use extra wire to cover extra area. So, you should concentrate upon the area covered by this system.

While selecting wireless dog fence check that dog fence is workable in all the land types and can carry different shapes of the area without any hurdles. Some of the wireless dog fence covers circular shaped area and many of the houses are rectangular in shape which resists dogs playing area so need to be aware about the shape as well. Most of the dog fence covers 5 acre of area or more.

The materials like wooden and metal also affects the area of the dog fence. Like if you have affordable dog fencing  lots of wooden material in your home than it limits to that area. And you also need to place the transmitter away from the metal materials like fridge as it can also affect transmitter signals.

Ease of Installation

Wireless dog fence are very easy to install as compare to the wired dog fence as it do not require any digging, tie up, hammer kind of things to set up. Here, you only need to place transmitter box on your laptop or computer and use easy install fence dog.

It takes few hours (1 – 2 hours) for the installation of wireless dog fence system. It is portable and can change the radius of the system as well if required.

Maximum number of Dogs Allowed

You need to clear this thing first that how many dogs you want to add with this wireless dog fence. This can help you in selecting the best wireless dog fence system.

If you have more than one dog and the transmitter does not work properly than it can create trouble for you and that device will not be considered as good option for you. The number of pets can be programmed is depends upon the how many receiver signals transmitter can receive. Some brands have limitation for one receiver collar only and others have more than one or unlimited receiver collar option per transmitter.

So, while selecting the dog fence check the number of dogs allowed per transmitter.


Average warranty provided by the branded dog fence is one year. Within this warranty if you face any problem you can connect to them and can repair the system or if replacement required it can be replaced as well. A branded product wireless dog fence walmart provides its services to the customer to make  them satisfied but if the customer are not satisfied or the product is damaged or malfunctioned than they can replace it within the warranty period.

Features of a Dog collar to look for

Well, in case of installation of the wireless dog fence the owner need to focus on the above points like warranty, sensible dog harness,ease of installation and number of dogs added but you also need to focus on some other features of the product as well like correction level, collar size, receiver battery, dog weight, durability and range etc.

Correction levels

You need to focus on the correction levels while opting wireless dog fence. Static correction option is there which depends upon the sensitivity of the pet. For puppies static correction level is low and for strong breed is needs to be stronger.

While purchasing dog fence check that how many correction levels are there in the system? Its features and whether it is suitable for all the types of dog or not?? All these aspects need to be aware about.

Receiver Battery

The important thing you need to focus is receiver battery. You need to be aware about the time span of the battery. If it is fully charged that for how much long time it is going to stay. Whether you can recharge the battery or it needs to be replaced.

The receiver collar needs a battery and how much long time the dog fence batteries is going to stay. The package contains the receiver battery or need to be purchased separately. As battery are difficult to find out and expensive as well so you need to be aware about all these facts while buying wireless dog fence system.

Collar size

The wireless dog fence is considered as effective if the receiver dog collar size chart is proper to the pet. While purchasing it check that the collar size is flexible or not as t should not be too loose or tight for the pet. It should be proper fit to the pet so that the pet can feel the vibrations or alarm and comfortable to the pet as well.

Minimum Dog Weight

The minimum dog weight needs to be checked as many devices based on the different weights so while buying wireless dog fence check the minimum dog weight on it as well. For large size dog it can be good but for small size dog you need to check neck size and weight of the dog as the minimum weight can be above 5 pounds or 8 pounds in different devices.

Minimum Dog Age

You should consider minimum dog age before buying wireless dog fence. In case of small puppies it is not recommended as the puppies use to play inside the home. Such kind of devices are recommended for the big dogs whose chances are high to cross the home boundaries and go outside. For the puppies below 6 months can play freely. These devices are used for the dogs whose age above 6 months. You can provide them training after this so that they become able to take shocks, stimulations or static sensations.

Water Resistance

It is advised that electronic gadgets should keep away from water. But there are many waterproof wireless dog fence systems so you should go for that kind of dog fence.


You need to know about the durability of the transmitter and the receiver collar and the control options as well. Some of the receiver collar has on and off option which can save the pet from getting large number of shocks. The durability needs to known so that the working of the transmitter and receiver collar can be judged.


Range is the important fact you need to know as the boundary line can be assigned on the basis of range. There are different shapes and areas of the home and yard on which the transmitter range is assigned so you should need to be aware about the range of the wireless dog fence system as different systems have different range. How much area covered by fence? Can it cover one acre? Is that area can be changed or not? all these questions needs to be known by the owner before purchasing the system.

How does an Invisible Fence works?

  • The Items & their Functions

The items of the wireless dog fence are a large transistor and a small receiver collar. These two parts are used to keep your pet safe in the boundary lines. You need to place the transmitter in the secure area that is away from the other electronic gadgets and it can transmit the signals properly. There are transmitters which can be connected with the WiFi also. Installation of these wireless transmitters is easy and manual is also provided with the system which can also help you in the installation process. In the transmitter you also need to set up the range of the transmitter for the boundary line. The range of the boundary line can be increased if the yard size is large.

  • Setting Invisible Fences Up

Once the radius is set up on the transmitter and the collar is placed on the dog’s neck it is ready to use. And dog fence will work properly if the installation is done perfectly. If the dog tries to cross the boundary line then this dog fence will work and resist the dog not to cross the boundary line by giving electric shock that is not harmful. This helps to learn the dog to play within the boundary and not to cross the range or boundary line.

  • Training your Dog on Invisible Fences

Installation of the dog fence is not enough the owner’s duty is to guide the pet as well. The owner knows how the invisible dog fence works and the owner has to do his role to guide the dog. For this the owner can place signs on the boundaries so that dog will get signs not to cross the boundary line. The owner can walk along the dog to make him aware about the boundaries and the area where dog can roam freely. This will help the dog to avoid shocks.

  • Letting your Pet go on its Own

After doing this you can let your dog roam freely in the boundaries. In the starting days you need to be present along with your dog so that you can also check the effect of electric currents and shocks is bearable to the pet or not. You need to provide the training with patience and until the pet do not get trained you need to be consistent as well. After the training period of 1 or 2 weeks the dog will get trained and will get aware about the boundaries also and will play inside the boundaries.

  • Reminders in using the Invisible Fence

The batteries of the receiver collar and transmitter are needed to be charged or replaced. So you need to put reminders for this. That is you should need to be aware about the time line of the batteries. This will help you to save your time and money if you take care of the batteries properly.You may check more varieties of dog fence available for your pet types of Fence. You may get brilliant ideas for buying best fence for Dog.

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